Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” Review

Saw this in the Austin Chronicle last week…very cool. Discount Electronics in Austin preloading Linux Mint.

So I’ve installed Linux Mint 9 on all my systems two desktops and an Acer Aspire One. I Have a large monitor that I was having trouble with the resolution size in LM8 and it has been corrected with LM9 and I am happy.

I am still testing out the OS and this is just a post to remind you that you should go try it out. I have not experienced any real issues yet. Although I’ve yet to set up my printers and recording software so I’m not too sure how the audio will behave for me. I was happy to see the little wi-fi light on my Acer Aspire One working, little thing but I was happy.

I liked that it had the usb creator loaded by default and I was able to set the installation up on a usb drive very easily and without hassle. As always with Mint there was no need to install anything (video/audio plugins etc) at all so I was able to watch videos on youtube without having to do anything myself which I still feel I need to mention for those haven’t tried mint yet but are used to other distros where you have to install those things manually before you can enjoy flash/video content etc.

I was a bit disappointed that the  over all look of the system didn’t get a refreshing design “face lift” that usually makes the experience way better. I do love eye candy after all and I hope this gets addressed in the next release.

I wonder if the word “Mint” is too limiting as is the color scheme? It could be just me though. Outsourcing some of the artwork was a great idea and I hope they keep it up. Maybe even do the same for a new icon set? Just an idea. I thought the login in screen in LM7 was great now, not so much… But the look is still better than other distro’s. I like the info graphics that scrolled as it was installed letting one know what was new etc.  good improvement.

I like the new Software Manager and Mint Update as well way better than the previous ones. The look and functionality is much better in my opinion.

Ipod was detected on plug in and accessed with Rhythmbox (which is installed by default) . My WD My Passport External 1TB drive detected.

How I love having an active community driven OS that doesn’t give me a headache troubleshooting problems as I try to get work done. Thank you Linux Mint/Ubuntu Teams and the respective Communities for making this a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Anyway I still have stuff to set up and experience and I’ll write about it soon.

check it out:


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