Download, Convert / Extract Audio from YouTube #Linux

Download, Convert/Extract Audio from YouTube videos in Linux.

Why would you want to? Well, I use it when I see some “How-To” videos that I want to keep and watch later or make DVD’s later. I also use it to get Audio files from videos such as speeches, conference talks etc. I also like meditative nature sounds…as well as long walks on the beach… okay then…

Anyway, you may have your own reasons and this is the easiest way I found to do it.

What you need all obtainable from Synaptic Package Manager except the extension (link provided):

  • Firefox web browser
  • Firefox extension: Video DownloadHelper  4.7.3 or newer found here:
  • To convert to audio (mp3 etc.) get ‘ffmpeg‘ (use FFMpeg as the converter with DowbloadHelper when asked) also get the audio codec: ‘Lame’
  • Install ‘Easytag’ to edit the the id3 tags of the files so your audio players can identify them correctly.

Now got to go get me a margareta for my walk…and wait for dusk….find a beach…wait for it to stop raining… never mind to much work :reaches for media player with “nature sounds”:


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