Linux Mint 10 Julia RC : Notes and Review

Notes and Review on Linux Mint 10 Julia RC

The following are notes that I was writing as I was installing and tested Linux Mint 10 Julia RC. It will serve as my review:

To see what it looks like and read the new features: Linux Mint 10 Julia RC: What’s New

The installer is really good looking and sleek (big thumbs up) the only problem I found was when clicking my locations I typed “central” and didn’t know what else to do until a pop up came up (Which took a while) and I clicked Central (USA) but the text didn’t change so if there could be more notification that would be great like the text changes to reflect what you selected. Under “Manage your photos” It would be nice to state that Gimp is included as a more powerful option for image editing. The color choices (a nuetral brownish grey bar on top)for the installer slide show was also pleasant.

Might I suggest adding OpenShot Video Editor to the default installed programs it would be a great addition it would be a great “selling” point to add to the slideshow to be able to do Video editing out of the box like ( Movie Maker or iMovie?).I think. I also feel the same about Audacity for audio editing. especially now that a lot of people edit for YouTube and their home movies. Also since the Linux Mint community has a Podcast: mintCast, might I suggest installing Gpodder by default? As this can get new users to discover other Linux related Podcast. I know Rythmbox allows for podcasts but you have to manually input them where as Gpodder you get a list of podcasts and can discover more you never new about also, you can manage subscriptions online and sync them. I know size is an issue but I think these programs are worthy and the “marketing” potential are great to increase the user base. I am in no way suggesting removing Rythmbox as I use it as my music player. But would like Gpodder installed as well.

I like the new look although some people have suggested it is a bit Mac-ky (I’ve never owned a mac so couldn’t really tell you). But it is a nice break from so much green. It was much needed as I found myself wanting to change my themes on my other systems (LM9 and LMDE). So from my point of view I think it was a good move.

I think LM should also install the stand alone Prism web-apps for Gmail. Like Peppermint Linux does with Gmail. By the way, when I create WebApps with Prism the default icons look so awful (I know this has nothing to do with Linux Mint-just thinking out loud). By the way to get the WebApps that you create to work just right click and change the permissions under properties to “Allow executing file as program”

“Welcome to Linux Mint” screen: It is much improved the decision to use icons and the icons chosen was a good one. The “Upgrade to DVD version” Is a very smart choice given the reasons stated in the “New Features” documentation page ( I did receive an error stating that “Some of the packages could not be retrieved from the server(s)…” I didn’t know if I should ignore the packages or not. Would I be able to get them later? Would it interfere with the system if I didn’t get them? The first pop up I received was for Sun-Java License: there was a Check box with the question: “Do you accept the DLJ license terms? Maybe this should say “Yes, I accept the DLJ License terms.” (I’m not sure if this is an LM issue?)

I like the new menu button. I didn’t much care for the LM logo being there for some reason it just didn’t look right. This is much better even the green highlight when you click on it looks better :)

The Icons in the pop up menus I also really like. But, I really don’t like the folders in the home directory. The home one on the desktop is fine but the ones in the folder the images on the folders themselves seem to be the problem, the folders themselves are fine I wonder if there is a way to make the center image more like the “house” on the home folder to keep a more unified look?

I preferred the look of the old Calculator. I would really like the old look back. gcalctool 5.32.2 is the one running in LMDE (and it looks good) in LM10 its gcalctool 5.32.0. I could not find an easy way through the calculator options to change the look. Seriously I can’t get over the calculator..I use it alot.

I really didn’t like the buttons in Synaptic Package Manager the ones on top are fine but the ones on the lower left hand side are not. At all. They are too old and dated.

Recently I started using the awesome menu search feature to launch apps. I’ve only used Windows before and didn’t have this option (I’m  not sure about now since I haven’t used windows since vista) But I was so happy to be able to find what I was looking for so fast and easy without going through so many clicks or any for that matter. (Windows key -> start typing -> down or up arrow to select -> enter = me, very happy.

Now the LM team has added Google Search and Wiki search to the menu search bar and I have been using it and it is very convenient for the way I work. I also like the way LM has easy options for the Menu. This way I just use the “Windows” key on my keyboard to quickly open the menu, and start typing. I really like the convenience.

* the default keyboard shortcut for mint menu is CRTL+Super (Super = windows key) to change it so only your windows key is used: Right Click Menu -> Preferences-> Under Keyboard shortcut type: Super_L -> click: Alt+Ctrl+Backspace. ( adding the _L will get only the left windows key work _R for the right) I haven’t figured out how to do both at the same time.

The new icon set is so much better and modern. This is great. The only problem was that well known programs like Gimp should have their well known icon’s. All the icons looked good the only ones that didn’t seem to fit where: Gimp, Accessories, Dictionary and the VLC I think Having the cone(a bit larger) without the grey back would have been a better choice I think.

I tested this on my desktop so I do not know if wifi works out of the box (it usually does for me though).

My speakers where muted by default for some reason. I did have issues with the audio in LM9 raising and lowering the audio was not smooth it was either too loud or too soft never just right. It seems to be fixed here.

I haven’t tested the audio in terms of recording sound.

As you can see my issues so far have been minor. The Linux Mint team in my opinion are doing something so right.

remember these are just my opinions and I really love what the Linux Mint team are doing. They out did themselves again here. Congratulations to them for such a fine job.

Also, keep in mind alot of this stuff might change by the final release as I am just reviewing the RC (Release Candidate) of Linux Mint 10 Julia.


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