I’m just someone who is passionate about Open Source Software and Linux esp. Linux Mint. I decided to have this blog to share what I learn on my journey as I transition to exclusively using Linux and Open Source Software. I am at 97% now. I Started using Ubuntu to help get me out of the messes windows would cause with the blue screens of death in early 2000. I tried many distros  including OpenSuse. and I always had to go back to windows when I couldn’t do certain  things in Linux. Like send a fax, record music, edit videos etc. without much headache or at all. Printers wouldn’t work it was confusing and chaotic. But, I loved it because I could always pop in a live cd when I need to get out of virus scares on my windows machine or to rescue data. Ten years later. So, much has changed Fax’s are almost obsolete and Linux Mint is a dream.  And I just want to contribute in some little way.


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